Average Cost Of A Yacht

average cost of a yacht the average price for a brand new pontoon boat is around 35000 thats for the popular 22foot pontoon boat size that can be seen on lakes and rivers all around america you can find smaller pontoon boats for less than 20000 and you could easily spend more than 50000 as well, a typical 20foot yacht will cost anywhere from 35000 to around 75000 a midsized yacht around 30 feet can cost as much as 250000 larger yachts around the 50foot range can easily reach the 1000000 mark rare models longer than 100 feet can surpass 5000000 for example a 150footer can cost as much as 35 million, many owners of 70 and larger yachts prefer to have fulltime crew aboard to help them run the vessel naturally this can cost quite a bit even if you can run your own yacht however you may want to consider bringing in a crewmember or two simply to take care of the many daily maintenance chores required for large expensive yachts, the hard data the average in 2000 was just below 35000 while the average in 2012 is just over 65000 this represents a 80 increase in average msrp over the last 12 years with this trend the average msrp of a new boat in this category is steadily increasing at around 10 every two years

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so in theory a 10 million yacht would set you back 1 million a year in operational costs fuel lots of it vessel insurance dockage fees maintenance and repairs and crew salaries are typically the heftiest running costs dockage fees can run about 350000 and insurance about 240000, worlds largest portal for luxury yachts for charter super yachts for sale with an extensive superyacht database you can view any mega yachts from an azimut to a ferretti you will also find an extensive list of yacht brokers and be able to keep up to date with the latest yacht news dont forget to check out our latest section on marinas for the worlds largest yachts

its an old joke a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into its also true about 95 percent of owners have boats 26 feet or less at an average cost of 18000 according to the national marine manufacturers association and more than 80 percent of those buyers shelled out for preowned boats but buying it is just a start bentley collins of sabre yachts says to budget 10 percent , for outside storage boats are typically shrink wrapped at a cost of roughly 1015 per foot so a 21foot boat might cost 200300 to cover and make ready for winter inside rack storage costs more as the boat is inside and better protected from the elements, consider the costs of owning a boat before you buy the cost of boat ownership goes far beyond the sticker price consider these other factors before you buy by staff july 30 2013 this blog is part of a series for new boaters to read more from the full article see the price of ownership, according to an article in forbes the most expensive yachts in 2005 had an average price of 6437 million with the most expensive a 280 foot mega yacht costing 103 million