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homemade bathtubs there is something nostalgic about using a product that your parents and grandparents used and i believe that we can often find a lot of modern wisdom from the way things used to be doneone of the products i remember seeing in both of my grandparents houses growing up and my mom using when i was little was a scouring powder like bon ami a natural cleaner, hi james the magic eraser is made from that chemical but it is not present in the product once its made except maybe in trace amounts on the household products database link you provided it says the magic eraser is considered nontoxic if ingested, heres a tip sheet listing a few methods to clearing out drains in the kitchen sink plugged bathtubs can benefit from these too at the bottom youll find a suggestion for monthly maintenance and a homemade recipe to keep them as trouble free as possible, high tea coming soon sunday afternoons 3 to 5 pm delicious savoury and sweet treats and endless tea or coffee sparkling wine can be added served in the new high tea zone of the farm cafe with all the linen and crockery to make it a special occasion

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known for their nonporous surface durable finish and longevity plastic bathtubs are prevalent in home bathrooms plastic bathtubs actually consist of either molded fiberglass or acrylic which are similar in appearance, i am wondering if i can freeze the following recipe with good results obviously not the preserves or crackers i would just like to make to the ring stage freeze then take out thaw and serve cheese ring 1 pound sharp cheddar cheese finely shredded 6 ounces approx 1 1 12 cups finely cho

soap nuts can be used to make a natural homemade all purpose cleaner for just about everything in your home from laundry to dishes to floors to toilets, hans augusto rey born hans augusto reyersbach september 16 1898 august 26 1977 was a germanborn american illustrator and author known best for the curious george series of childrens picture books that he and his wife margret rey created from 1939 to 1966, one of the clever bathroom cleaning products that ive really grown to like over the years are the daily shower cleaner sprays after you shower you simply mist some of the spray around on the shower walls and it helps to keep your shower clean with less mold or mineral buildup in between more thorough cleanings, luckily learning how to clean a jetted tub is simple and doesnt take a lot of supplies im sure you already have everything you needbaking soda and vinegar