How Do I Remove Caulking From A Bathtub

how do i remove caulking from a bathtub

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before you can put a bead of nice fresh caulk around your bathtub or window you need to remove entirely the bad old stuff heres how kill any mildew on the surfaces using a solution of 13 cup bleach to 1 gal of water use a paintbrush or foam brush to apply the solution and to work it into the gap left by the removed caulk scrub the area with a brush or plastic pad rinse then dry the surfaces with a clean rag, scrape out the caulk family handyman then start scraping out the old caulk the caulk remover works by destroying the bond between the caulk and the tub or tile so that instead of chipping at the caulk with a razor blade you just pull away big chunks of it with a putty knife most removers work on both silicone and acrylic latex caulks, removing caulk residue soften this residue with vinegar or alcohol and scrape it with the razor knife in some cases you may be able to roll it into balls with your finger you can also remove the residue by soaking an abrasive sponge scrubber with alcohol or vinegar and rubbing it avoid sandpaper it can scratch the tub and it clogs