How To Dispose Of An Old Bathtub

how to dispose of an old bathtub toss it as you note one choice is tossing the old thing and starting fresh this is one of the most expensive options the necessary gutting and replumbing involved with installing a new bathtub can run you a tab of 3000 or more compared to 300650 for a refinishing job, recycling your old acrylic bathtub a bathtub is something that you will need to get rid of eventually while they will last for a long time and can get a few more years out of them by getting refinished they still are only going to last you so long, how you dispose of the old tub will depend on the type it is cast iron tubs should be broken up with a sledgehammer because of the sheer weight do this in the bathroom so you can remove the tub in sections all other types of bathtub materials are relatively light the tub can be removed whole as long as you have some help

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from broken tiles to ones that are caked with dirt and grime you dont want to dump the old bathroom tiles in your homes garbage the tiles will end up in a landfill or other dumping site to properly dispose of used bathroom tiles you need to contact a salvage company or a building supply disposal organization that will collect the tiles , cover the tub with a blanket or drop cloth and be sure to wear long sleeves safety glasses and hearing protection dont expect the tub to break easily on the first swing you may have to hit the same spot repeatedly to get a crack started its hard work but at least you wont break your back trying to lift the tub in one piece, 3 answers if the bath is cast iron or metal leave it outside some one from dale farm will remove that free failing that the cheapest way would be to stick it in the back of your car and take it to your local council tip most local council tips will accept them basins in hardcore section baths in general if fibreglass


old cast iron bathtubs can be very valuable depending on the weight and condition of your tub its resale value may be higher than its scrap value the scrap price for cast iron is about 009 per pound and cast iron tubs usually weigh around 300 pounds or more, when we arrive just point to the old or broken hot tub you want to be removed and well provide you with an upfront allinclusive price 4 once you say the word well haul your hot tub away from wherever its located and finish by tidying up the area plus we will recycle and donate whatever we can whenever possible, the easiest method of hot tub disposal is one that requires other people to haul it away draining the tub and unhooking it from water and power supplies should be done before the spa removal company arrives if a crane must be used to remove it as in over a fence the cost of renting this equipment is usually added to the companys base fee