Restore Bamboo Furniture

restore bamboo furniture excessive water or sunlight will damage your bamboo furniture beyond repair never use a hose or large amounts of water to clean bamboo instead use the damp cloth method, generally bamboo furniture requires periodic dusting and an occasional deep cleaning polishing is also necessary if you live in an area with low humidity furniture kept outside needs a bit more attention as well as proper placement if you find older bamboo furniture you can restore it with a bit of cleaning sanding and polishing, to repair a chair leg on which wicker wrapping has come loose cut a length of wicker caning and soak it in water for about 30 minutes image 1 to make it more flexible, bamboo stains provide an option to customize or change your bamboos appearance and the color dramatically as well as to reinforce your bamboos strength protect it against the elements restore a rich replenished shade of color and sometimes add a slightly different tone to lighter bamboo

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this chair came from philippine and is about 60 years old have lots of damage, rattan furniture offers a natural beauty that lasts for decades or even generations with proper care rattans are palm species that grow not like trees but along other vegetation like vines their fibers are separated and dried into a pliable durable material suitable for weaving into objects such as furniture

you can restore your bamboo furnitures shine by rubbing the piece periodically with linseed or other furniture oil furniture oil recommended specifically for bamboo is your best bet if youd like the furniture to maintain its golden color you can do so by applying a colorless lacquer to preserve it from dirt wear and other harmful conditions its always a good idea to protect your investment with proper maintenance and care, bamboo is a smart choice for patio furniture or for creating a casual look and relaxed atmosphere in other rooms in your home, cleaning bamboo furniture 8 maintenance tips bamboo furniture is an elegant and dramatic accent to a home both indoors and out technically bamboo is a grass and not a true wood which is why the plant has such unusual pliability and strength, how to buy and restore wicker furniture by thomas duncan order number b0177 price 2195 written for the person interested in buying and repairing wicker furniture it shows stepbystep how to repair the most common broken and damaged parts on wicker furniture