Why Fill Bathtub With Water In Hurricane

why fill bathtub with water in hurricane

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fill your bathtub or collect tap water in containers store purchased water in a dark place such as under the sink pantry closet or linen cabinet if you use bottled water regularly rotate older bottles out and new bottles in throughout the season wait to fill your own containers until a storm is brewing, for example if you live in a hurricane zone and there has been a hurricane warning you could be proactive and fill your bathtubs up before it hits if your house isnt damaged too badly you may end up being very glad that you took the time to fill up your tubs especially if your city water supply gets shut off due to the disaster, a bathtub of water will give you something to flush your toilet with and to spot bath the water jugssoda bottles are for drinking water if you have a gas stove you are all set but if you dont and you dont have a grill you can make a makeshift grill with some bricks and the rack from your oven